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QR6.nl makes sales easy. It makes social likes & follows easy. Logistics? Reporting? Picking? Tons easier. How? Scan one of the codes below with your phone (you can open qr6.nl on another phone, on a computer or tablet - normally these codes will be printed out).

Easy Payments

QR6.nl makes sales very easy. We have simple shopping carts for any scenario to direct money to your or your clients' bank account.
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Love Tech Challenges?

Nothing should stand in the way of your customers enjoying your offerings. You want them to buy from you, to like or to follow you. You do not want them to jump through hoops. So that's why QR6.nl has no app for people to install before they can do what you want them to do. So you print out your QR6.nl code and you hang it where they can see it. That's it. No apps, no BS, no challenges.

We will help you develop a fun and effective solution no matter your business model. Get in touch via datafounders.com